SLVS Feed business is one of the emerging players in the Compound Feed market in India. Our diverse portfolio includes products in Cattle, Poultry and Specialty Feed. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, equipped with quality assurance labs, help farmers improve their farm productivity and profitability. We also work closely with farmers to provide on-farm technical support and engage them in skill building activities. Our focus will be to leverage capabilities at this centre, to develop cost effective solutions to improve animal productivity.

Our Poultry Feed and concentrates are formulated by using superior quality grains, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to address the growing demand for poultry meat and eggs. The Broiler Feed helps in weight gain and faster growth, which in turns, improves the feed conversion ratio. Our Layer Feed helps in meeting the nutritional needs of birds at each life-stage and also, optimizing the egg production of the flock.

Our Cattle Feed products are prepared with a deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and the breed and milk production levels of cows and buffaloes. These products contain proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantity and proportion to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle. We offer a variety of Cattle Feed to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and the overall health of cattle. We also work closely with farmers and offer on-site assistance to help them achieve higher yields.